IMPORTANT: Confirm that your POE switch (or POE injector) supports “passive” mode B devices. For information on passive POE please visit and your switch/injectors specification sheet on the manufacturer website.

POE switch

Your POE to 5v DC converter accepts an RJ45-male terminated Ethernet (CAT5, 5e, 6, etc.) cable as input, and outputs 5v DC to the included slim ribbon cable.

  1. Attach your RJ45-terminated Ethernet cable to the input side of the POE to 5v DC converter. The input side of the converter is the female RJ45 connector attached to the black and red wires.
  2. Secure the POE converter in preparation for installing your mount. This can be achieved by placing the converter in a standard electrical box, by attaching the converter to the back side of your wall board using double sided tape, or any similar approach.
  3. Connect the black output wire of your converter to the black wire of your slim charging cable, and similarly the yellow output wire to the red wire of you slim charging cable using the enclosed wire nuts.
  4. Attach your mount following the tablet mounting instructions included with your tablet.


  • Confirm POE switch (or injector) supports “passive” mode B devices, and the switch port you are using is configured for passive mode B devices.
  • Confirm slim charging cable is connected correctly to the POE converter — red wire on slim cable to yellow wire on converter, black wire on slim cable to black wire on converter
  • Confirm slim charging cable is connected securely to the POE converter — wires are twisted together and secured with wire nuts, ensuring wires make physical contact
  • Confirm your Ethernet (CATx) cable is terminated correctly with an RJ45 connector
  • Confirm your POE switch (or injector) is powered on
  • Confirm your slim charging cable is firmly inserted into your tablets charging port
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