Tablets are becoming increasingly popular multipurpose tools for homeowners. If you have installed a smart home system, chances are you planning to use a tablet as its main control. It is important to get a proper mounting solution if you are planning to attach the device on the wall. At MBMounts, we provide high-quality and durable wall tablet mounts and tablet enclosures for homeowners. What’s more, their sleek and modern designs ensure that these products complement the style of your home.

Smart Solutions for Homeowners

At MBMounts, our tablet wall mounts, tablet flush mounts, and tablet charging systems can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Home Theater

    Nothing brings a family together like watching a great movie in a cozy home theater. From high-end home theaters to more affordable setups, there are countless variations to fit your home. Today, home theater systems do not require extensive drilling in floors/walls and running wires through walls. Homeowners can control the volume, brightness of the room and home theater projector, etc., via an application and smart device – a tablet. It is recommended that you mount the tablet on the wall to enable centralized control. 

  • Smart Lighting

    Lighting is an important component of any interior design. Modern lighting technology has evolved, and homeowners have access to a wide range of smart lighting systems. In addition, individuals can install Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Home App on their tablets, changing the brightness and colors of their smart light bulbs with ease.

  • Smart Intercom

    A smart intercom system allows family members to communicate via voice activated devices without pressing any button. With the right software, you can make audio or video calls from your tablet, from different rooms.

  • Home Security

    Alarm keypads of traditional home security systems are typically mounted on the wall of a master bedroom or next to a garage door. Today’s residential security solutions, however, allow homeowners to ditch the old control panel and shift all of those familiar controls to their tablets.

  • Climate Control

    Having multiple keypad interfaces and remotes for your underfloor heating system or HVAC system can result in a cluttered wall. You can declutter and preserve your interior design by investing in a smart home system that allows you to adjust all those features via a single user interface, e.g., the screen of a tablet.

  • Home Networks

    Smart home networks generally refer to any suite of systems, appliances, and devices that connect to a common network that can be remotely and independently controlled. For example, your home’s locks, security cameras, TVs, audio systems, lights, and thermostat are connected to a common system. In addition, you can control them from your tablet or smartphone.

Why Should You Choose MBMounts’ Smart Solutions for Homeowners?

Since our inception in 2019, MBMounts has been offering stellar tablet mounting solutions for homeowners and their smart home systems. All of our products are designed with functionality, aesthetics, ease of use, and durability in mind. Start browsing through our products today and purchase tablet wall mounts at the most competitive rates!

If you have any question about our tablet wall mounts for homeowners, do not hesitate to contact us today.