Have a unique requirement for mounting, enclosing or powering your tablet or device? No problem. Makes by Mike can modify our existing designs to incorporate your needs – an LED, a buzzer, a speaker, or most anything else – if you can describe it – we can design it. Need a mount or enclosure for a device we don’t currently support? No problem. We can design it.

We have designed, prototyped and manufactured a variety of mounts, enclosures and power solutions for our customers.

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To get started, click “Contact Us” and describe your requirements. Upon review, if we’re comfortable that we can meet or exceed your expectations, we'll ask you to place an order for our fully refundable custom design service. Upon payment we’ll work collaboratively to design the perfect mount, enclosure or power solution. You’ll review an interactive 3D model along the way as we iterate to an agreeable design.

If at the end of the design process, you are not happy with the design, your design fee will be fully refunded - no questions asked.

Should you wish to move forward we’ll provide you with a final proposal and price to manufacture and ship your mount, enclosure or power solution, including any of our standard power options you are interested in, and upon payment will begin manufacturing your idea.

The design process usually takes from a few days to a couple of weeks (depending on the degree of design and customization, and the number of times we exchange feedback). Manufacturing your custom mount, enclosure or power solution will take approximately 5 to 7 days.

If we’ll be creating a mount or enclosure for a device that we don’t currently have we may ask you to send us your device so that we can take measurements, prototype and test fit. We’ll ship your device back along with your finished product.

We look forward to providing you with a high quality and customized solution to your mount, enclosure or power needs.

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